Yoga Therapy uses various yoga practices to help manage physical, emotional and stress related problems. It provides practical and easy to learn strategies that you can continue on your own at home. The strategies include physical movements or positions; proper breathing; practices to quiet your mind and decrease stress; self-awareness strategies; and mindfulness/meditation techniques. It has been successfully used by people experiencing anxiety, worry, relationship challenges, job stress, high blood pressure, chronic pain, diabetes, depression, cancer-related issues, grief, stress associated with multi-tasking, weight issues and trauma of any kind. It is also helpful for pre-surgery preparation and post surgery recovery. All sessions are individual and confidential. You have several options based on your own particular goals or needs:

1. FREE CONSULTATION - Come on into the studio for a free consultation to determine which form of Yoga Therapy might be beneficial to you. Or, if it is more convenient, a phone consultation can be arranged.

2. PHOENIX RISING YOGA THERAPY - This type of Yoga Therapy is great for working with both physically and emotionally-based issues or trauma. The science behind this form of yoga therapy is based on the fact that your body has been with you since the moment you were born and because of that, it has experienced everything you have experienced...the really great experiences as well as the challenging experiences. Research has now shown that we can hold the stress and emotions of our experiences in our body. Over time, this can show up as physical or emotional stress, tension or pain, as well as illness. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy allows you to access your body as a means to release this tension or pain. A session typically begins with a checking in period where you notice what's happening in your own body as well as what's happening in your life. Next Stephanie stretches and moves your body, and you are asked to speak about what you are noticing. From this place of awareness, you are able to make connections between what you are noticing in your body and what you are experiencing in your life. The session ends with some time for you to pull together and integrate what you have become aware of and to come up with some tangible and practical steps you can take as a way to move forward. $80 for a 75 minute session or 3 sessions for $215

"Think of stress-related disease in terms of an information overload, a situation in which the mind-body network is so taxed by unprocessed sensory input in the form of suppressed trauma or undigested emotions that it has become bogged down and cannot flow freely." - Candace Pert, Former Neuroimmunologist at Johns Hopkins and The National Institutes of Health



"Of all the things I have tried for anxiety and emotional growth, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has by far helped me the most." - Sally, Hershey

"Through Yoga Therapy, I have been able to relax and just be in the moment. The connections I have made are amazing. It has helped me tremendously. I don't know where I would be without it." - Beth, Palmyra

"In the beginning I became more aware of the relationship between myself and my body. As I became more focused through exercise, journaling, breathing and meditation, I was able to determine the negativity in my Life and with time I was able to "let go" of these negative feelings. The experience as a whole helped me make choices to allow a happier, healthier "ME" by giving me back my control over myself." - Karen, Hershey


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 **For your information: The Yoga Alliance does not oversee the profession of Yoga Therapy.