Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a series of techniques where the therapist applies pressure to muscles against deeper muscles and moves in the direction of the flow of blood toward the heart. It increases oxygen and releases toxins from the muscles. It is designed to promote relaxation in the muscles.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage, also known as deep tissue massage, focuses on the deeper level of muscles and aims to release chronic patterns of muscle tension. This is done through slow strokes and deep finger pressure that follows or goes across the fascia and the muscles that are holding tension.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones are warmed in a hot water bath and are used to massage the full body or incorporated into another massage modality. Hot stones may be placed in a specific area of the body for warming the tissue and there is always a towel/fabric between your skin and the hot stone. Benefits include a feeling of deep relaxation, injury rehabilitation, and the ability to achieve deep tissue results without deep pressure.  

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Gentle and nurturing treatments that focus on the needs of the mother.

Frail and Fragile Massage

Gentle and healing treatments often used on autoimmune, degenerative, and terminal diagnosis.


The benefits of stimulating the feet for healing purposes were known to our ancestors all over the world. Pressure-point massage, which forms the basis for modern foot reflexology techniques, is related to the ancient practice of acupressure. The reflexology practitioner applies pressure to specific areas of the foot, which correspond to areas and organs of the body. This pressure, in turn, opens up the energy pathways (or meridians) of the client which helps to energize them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Reflexology helps return the client's body to a dynamic state of balance.


 30 Minute Targeted Session - $40

60 Minute Session - $70

90 Minute Session - $90

75 Minute Hot Stone - $100

90 Minute Hot Stone - $115

 Massage & Reflexology Packages

   10 - 30 Minute Targeted Sessions - $325

5 - 60 Minute Sessions - $325

10 - 60 Minute Sessions - $600

5 - 90 Minute Sessions - $425

10 - 90 Minute Sessions - $800

             Payments accepted by Cash, Check, or Credit Card