JUST WHAT I NEEDED - About four months ago, I stepped into Free Spirit Yoga for my first class with Stephanie and have been going twice a week since then. I was brand new to yoga and so a girlfriend of mine experienced in it came with me for moral support. I found and came away with just what I wanted - a tranquil, "leave your baggage at the door" ambience, and a wonderful sense of physical and spiritual rejuvenation. When I asked my friend what she thought of the class, she said that Stephanie was one of the best instructors she has ever had.

Recently I got a therapeutic massage from Heather at Free Spirit Yoga and it has greatly alleviated the pain in my left arm. Her expertise in massage knowledge and technique is quite impressive and I would highly recommend her services as well.
- Renee - Hershey

AN OASIS IN A DESERT OF STRESS - I started taking yoga with Stephanie over a year ago. I rarely miss a weekly class as I find them relaxing and restorative. I still consider myself a beginner but I feel confident in each class and find myself taking something away every week. Stephanie is excellent at helping everyone get the most out of each class. The classes are perfectly balanced with an emphasis on poses, stretched and exercise in an environment encompassing the principles of yoga. My quality of life has improved since I started at Free Spirit Yoga.
- Bob - Mt. Gretna

EVERYTHING A YOGA CLASS SHOULD BE - I have had the opportunity to study yoga with several teachers and one of the lessons in yoga is to embrace and accept each person for what they have to offer and celebrate their individualism. I personally am not looking for an aerobics teacher turned yoga teacher because it is now in vogue. There is much more to yoga than the physical aspect; yoga is about mind, body and Spirit and Stephanie gets all that! She doesn't preach, she teaches by example and encourages each student to proceed at their own pace and to listen to what their body is telling them. Her methods certainly meet my needs and I appreciate her wonderful and loving soul. Stephanie loves what she does and it shows. From a very grateful student.
- Hope - Annville

A GREAT PLACE TO PRACTICE YOGA - I have taken yoga off and on through the years, but am no expert. I recently started at Free Spirit Yoga and really love it! It is challenging without being overwhelming. Stephanie is just a really nice person, very welcoming, very non-judgmental. I've enjoyed not only the class, but also the people in the class. I am so glad I found it.
- Lin - Hummelstown