It was in 2003 when I learned about Free Spirit Yoga. Practicing yoga was new to me and I thought I would give it a try. I was hooked after the very first class and have been going ever since. For many years I enjoyed the regular Beginner Class and I always left class feeling fulfilled in body, mind and Spirit. So, as I got older and the Beginner Class became more difficult for me, I transitioned into the Chair Yoga Class. Free Spirit Yoga’s classes have no age limit. Each person owns their practice and is encouraged to do what their ability allows. My yoga classes have enriched my life in so many positive ways and an added bonus is the wonderful friendships formed there! -Sue - Hershey

I have had the blessing of practicing yoga in studios all over the United States, and it is here at Free Spirit that I recognize how Stephanie exemplifies the yoga principles of respect, steadfastness and deep commitment to personal practice. She clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs and circumstances without compromising high standards of practice and discipline. The studio is driven by the energy of those that call it home, and each class offering has the needs of the student in mind. I leave class feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take my practice out into the world! - Terry - Palmyra

I am blessed to be a member of Free Spirit Yoga in Hershey. I attended my first class about 15 years ago and have been devoted ever since. Little did I know at that time the healing powers these classes would provide for me in the upcoming years as I overcame an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis. Years later, under the selfless guidance and genuine support of Stephanie, my yoga practice continues to enable me to heal not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. The studio is filled with a warm energy that graciously reminds me to see and “honor” all the good in others. This has made me a better person. Namaste’. - Debbie - Hershey

EVERYTHING A YOGA CLASS SHOULD BE - I have had the opportunity to study yoga with several teachers and one of the lessons in yoga is to embrace and accept each person for what they have to offer and celebrate their individualism. I personally am not looking for an aerobics teacher turned yoga teacher because it is now in vogue. There is much more to yoga than the physical aspect; yoga is about mind, body and Spirit and Stephanie gets all that! She doesn't preach, she teaches by example and encourages each student to proceed at their own pace and to listen to what their body is telling them. Her methods certainly meet my needs and I appreciate her wonderful and loving soul. Stephanie loves what she does and it shows. From a very grateful student.
- Hope - Hummelstown